MSD Kicker Ignition

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The MSD Kicker Ignition mounts conveniently out of the way under the ride board on one side of the center tube with a 7.2-volt R/C NiCad battery (radio-controlled model battery) mounted on the other side. We've designed it so that it won't scrape on the ground no matter how hard you turn! Slam your 'ped around like you usually do, and the Kicker Ignition will still keep on faithfully firing your engine with it's hot, predictable, accurate spark. In fact, the Kicker puts out a 2 1,000-volt spark - that's 26 milli-Joules of energy that will turn your Go-Ped engine into a little monster! Why would you want a Kicker Ignition on your 'ped? As the engine revs increase over the stock rpm range, the stock coil is not able to provide e nough spark accurately. The stock coil simply can't keep up with the spark requirements of a high-revving engine. If you've done any modifications to your engine, like adding a higher compression cylinder & piston, you could run into detonation problems w ith a stock coil. With the Kicker Ignition you have more tuning capabilities, so you can get around detonation problems (which can ruin a engine real fast!) with the variable retard rate. You can compensate for changes in elevation, and control engine te mperatures better with a MSD Kicker Ignition. The Kicker's hot, predictable, accurate spark is a key essential to winning a race - or just for an everyday good running machine!

  • Model: 4160
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs

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